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Infographic: Vietnam’s 2016 national elections

11:20 | 07/06/2016

More than 69 million eligible Vietnamese voters across the country select deputies to the 14th National Assembly and all-level People’s Councils on the Election Day today (May 22).


infographic vietnams 2016 national elections

Voters from 184 electoral units across Vietnam will cast their ballots to select 500 delegates from the 870 final candidates for seats in the country’s legislative body. The newly elected lawmakers will serve from 2016 to 2021.

Each voter has the right to cast a ballot for one National Assembly deputy and three People’s Council members at three local levels, province/city, district and commune/ward.

The result of the People’s Council member election will be announced on June 1, and the 14th National Assembly delegates, on June 11.

Below is the infographic of the electoral process. For the full size photo, visit this page.

infographic vietnams 2016 national elections