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Vietnam Customs: Best preparation for 13thASEM Meeting

14:49 | 02/10/2019

VCN- For the 13th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Customs Directors-General and Commissioners Meeting (13thASEM Meeting) in Quang Ninh to be held successfully and safely and show international friends a beautiful Vietnam, hospitable Vietnamese people, the General Department of Customs has been completing preparations for the meeting.

vietnam customs best preparation for 13thasem meeting

To understand the role as the host unit of Vietnam in general and of Vietnam Customs in particular, Customs News had an interview with Deputy Director General of Customs Mai Xuan Thanh (picture) about the preparations for this important event.

What does the hosting of the 13th ASEM Meeting mean for Vietnam Customs?

Hosting the 13th ASEM Meeting of Vietnam Customs is an activity specifying external policies of the Party and the State, contributing to improving the position and role of Vietnam Customs on the ASEM cooperation forum.

Vietnam Customs actively participates in addressing common concerns, as well as proposing orientations for ASEM customs cooperation, taking advantages of support and cooperation from the customs authorities of ASEM countries, especially European partners with the advantages of technology, management experience, promoting deep and practical cooperative relations with important European partners.

Hosting the 13thASEM is of great significance for Vietnam as well as Vietnam's Customs to affirm cooperation and compliance with international commitments in the field of customs, to strengthen trust of customs partners as well as trading partners, improving the trademark and prestige of Vietnamese goods.

How has Vietnam prepared for this important event?

In preparation for the successful organisation of the 13th ASEM Meeting, we have received support from the People's Committee of Quang Ninh Province and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In October 2018, the General Department of Customs held a press conference to announce the hosting of this event. The General Department also issued a decision to set up a Steering Committee and three working groups on content, logistics and propaganda for the 13th ASEM Meeting.

In addition, during the 13thASEM Meeting, the General Department of Customs will mobilise English proficient officials at the General Department of Customs and Customs Departments to support the Customs delegations attending the meeting. The officials shall be trained on reception, communication and necessary skills to support delegations during the meeting.

The Vietnam Customs also set up a website to serve the registration of delegations attending the meeting as well as to publish relevant information of the meeting.

vietnam customs best preparation for 13thasem meeting
Website for registration for the delegations

Could you please give more details about the tasks Vietnam Customs is implementing for the 13thASEM ?

Regarding the content, since the end of 2018, the General Department of Customs assigned the International Cooperation Department to develop an agenda, executive script and propose cooperation orientations and action programmes to prioritise ASEM customs cooperation for 2020-2021; developing a joint statement of the meeting, preparing the contents and plans of the Vietnamese delegation to participate in the meeting, operating initiatives chaired by the members; performing secretarial work and report the meeting results.

In logistics, the General Department also assigned units to build and deploy the reception and logistics plans for the meeting; making plans to ensure security and safety for the meeting. To ensure the support, welcome the delegation and serve the meeting in accordance on schedule, the General Department of Customs shall send 38 officials from affiliated units to support the delegations when in Vietnam to attend the meeting. In addition, for the officials to better understand their tasks , the General Department also held a training course for participants in Hanoi and Quang Ninh.

The General Department of Customs also assigned the units to build an overall propaganda plan to ensure propaganda before, during and after the meeting in various and impressive forms and prepare clips to introduce Vietnam Customs at the meeting.

Up to now, all preparations for the conference from reception, logistics and propaganda have been completed.

What ideas does Vietnam Customs expect to contribute at the event?

With experience in successfully organising multilateral conferences in ASEAN such as ASEAN Conferences in 1994, 2004 and 2014; meetings of Sub-committee on Customs Procedures under the APEC Framework in 2006, 2017; ASEAN group meeting 2010 and other international conferences, the successful organisation of the upcoming 13thASEM Meeting will contribute to affirming the Vietnam’s position in general and Vietnam's Customs in particular in international forums and towards chairing regional conferences of the World Customs Organization.

Vietnam Customs wants to contribute to creating regional connectivity and cooperation in the field of customs in the context of the strong industrial revolution 4.0 in the customs sector and world’s security problems in combating terrorism, transportation of dangerous goods dangerous to environment and society with an increasingly complex and sophisticated level in large quantities; or pressure on maintaining sustainable economic growth to adapt to climate change.

By Hong Nu/ Huyen Trang