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Hi Sir, I will like to know what are the taxes and custom procedures that I may have to pay if I will to import bottled water from Australia and re-export into Western China via Vietnam port. The goods will not be sold in Vietnam. Please advice. Thank you.

Date: 14-06-2016 14:56

Hello, I have a business in Vietnam and would like to important an SUV to drive there for business. Are there any tax breaks to important your own car for business use in Vietnam? Also what is the approximate cost for an SUV at $30,000 US? Thank you, Michael

Date: 14-06-2016 11:12

Dear Sir/Madam, Hello. I would like to export pre-printed medical paper (HS code : 4911 99 9099) to Vietnam from Malaysia. FYI, it is made in Malaysia. i would like to know the import tax %,Additional %, Clearance cost %, and VAT% for this HS code. Many thanks for your help in advance.

Date: 14-06-2016 10:49

This is ashish nikam from sudarshan group. we are chemical importer but now we are start import bulk material from korea so please let us know how to know basic duty get from online. we know about material name Toluene basic duty. we going to import material from korea. so let us know basic duty.

Date: 14-06-2016 10:45

Dear sir, We want to export LED light to vietnam, may i know is that have additional tax need to pay beside (VAT)? Looking forward of your answer, thanks.

Date: 14-06-2016 10:24

Hi, I want to export handbags such as Michael Kors, Coach,... and some vitamines for pregnant woman and children to Vietnam from United States. I would like to know how/where can I look for HS codes? What kinds of taxes/fees do I need to pay and they are calculated? What are the restriction rules? What documents do I need to submit enable for custom clearance?

Date: 14-06-2016 10:18

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