February 05, 2023 20:12

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Dear Sir or Madam, Could you please let me know if the statistics of import/export of petroleum products, such as gasoline, gasoil, jet, etc... include those transported through land to land port, such as by trucking, by rail or pipeline. Or are those statistics comprise just seaborne import/export? Thank you,

Date: 14-06-2016 14:57

Hi,Sir I am Julia Jang from South Korea who are dealing with car related products. Could you kindly let us know the import statics of 3405300000 for 5 consecutive years? Also, could you let us know the total statics of car accessaries for 5 consecutive years? I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!

Date: 14-06-2016 12:31

Hello, I have a business in Vietnam and would like to important an SUV to drive there for business. Are there any tax breaks to important your own car for business use in Vietnam? Also what is the approximate cost for an SUV at $30,000 US? Thank you, Michael

Date: 14-06-2016 11:12

Hi, If it isn't too much to ask, kindly guide me through the steps required for me to find the import and export statistics for the following HS Codes. CeO2: 28461000 ZnO: 28170010 NPCC: 28365000 Thank you advanced

Date: 14-06-2016 11:11

Dear Sir or Madam, Could you let me know how to search imprt and export data of zinc HS code: 79011100 , 79011200 & 79012000

Date: 14-06-2016 10:25

Can I bring nuoc mam back to USA in my checked luggage and how much can I bring?

Date: 14-06-2016 10:10

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