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More than VND3.5 trillion worth of G-bonds mobilised

19:20 | 12/07/2018

The Hanoi Stock Exchange HNX raised 3 51 trillion VND at the latest auction of Government bonds issued by the State Treasury

more than vnd35 trillion worth of g bonds mobilised

An amount of VND650 billion (US$28.13 million) was mobilised from five-year bonds with annual interest rate of 3.45%, which was the same as during the previous auction on July 4.

Eight bidders bought 10-year bonds at VND2 trillion (US$86.55 million) with the average yield rate of 4.43%, 0.03% higher than the previous auction.

Bonds with 15-year maturity term fetched VND860 billion (US$37.22 million) with annual interest rate of 4.73%, up by 0.03% against the previous auction.

There were no successful bids for 7-year, 20-year, and 30-year bonds.

From the outset of the year, the State Treasury collected more than VND80.9 trillion (US$3.5 billion) through G-bond auctions at the HNX.

Source: VNA