October 22, 2021 07:50

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Many "tricks" employed to impersonate securities company

13:13 | 24/09/2021

VCN - Securities companies have continuously sent warnings about fraudulent tricks by impersonating securities companies that have occurred recently.

Fraudulent tricks of impersonating securities companies

VNDirect Securities Company said that, recently, the company has received a lot of feedback about individuals and organisations impersonating VNDirect to launch scams and gain illicit profits by texting and calling clients.

Accordingly, fake social networking accounts often post articles inviting customers to receive attractive gifts, incentives, bonuses ​​and many lucrative investment programs. Below the article often invites customers to click on a link to receive a reward or to submit a small investment.

When customers click on this link, they will be redirected to a fake website and may be asked to provide confidential information such as bank account passwords or simply click on this link, the malware will immediately be installed on the customer's device, thereby stealing the customer's money and transaction information.

Some criminals also find personal social networking accounts, sharing these individuals' public posts with the above content. With these tactics, other personal social networking accounts in the individual's friends list will be exploited. They will mistakenly think of their relevance and easily fall into traps and click on malicious links.

Therefore, VNDirect recommended that customers not access to strange links, links in SMS, emails of unknown origin to prevent fraud and ensure safety. They should not provide account login information, OTP code or PIN code to any individual, unit or organization via phone, email, social networks and websites.

FPT Securities Joint Stock Company (FPTS) also recently warned customers about the recent appearance of advertisements by groups of people impersonating and using FPTS's logo through Zalo, Facebook, YouTube, etc. to serve for the activities that require payment to a non-FPTS account in order to participate in games, lucky draw applications, placing bets, etc.

FPTS said they were not involved in the above fraudulent activities and recommended customers take caution with this information.

Similarly, Viet Capital Securities Joint Stock Company (VCSC) also warned about the situation on social networking platforms with many advertising posts, inviting customers to participate in games, lucky draws and betting applications. In those applications, the logo of VCSC is attached.

VCSC asserted that they had nothing to do with the games, applications and bets as mentioned above.

The trick used by scammers is to create social media accounts on Zalo, Facebook, etc. to post pictures of their workplace at VCSC (stealing images online and attaching the VCSC logo), then approach customers and offer easy money-making services, introduce customers to others pretending to be financial experts and consultants.

These fake accounts will instruct customers to download trading software to their phones, deposit money into certain personal accounts and join the game. The first games are usually won and paid in full. When the client is deeply involved with large amounts of money, it will be appropriated and the subjects will delete the contact.

VCSC recommended that customers take caution to identify these tricks. If they have been approached, they should report it to the police for investigation.

Previously, many other securities companies such as TVSI, HSC also warned customers about similar scams.

By Nguyễn Hiền/Thanh Thuy