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Lang Son Customs collaborated to seize 11kg of meth

16:27 | 10/04/2017

VCN – On 6/4, representative of Tan Thanh Customs Branch (Lang Son Customs Department) said that, Techniques team of Binh Nghi Customs coordinated with Criminal Police Division (Lang Son police) and Lang Son Border guard to arrest a subject who transported 11kg of meth from China to Vietnam.

lang son customs collaborate to seize 11kg of meth
Subject Nông Tôn Bảo

At 6 PM on 5th April 2017, at the area near milestone 1038 of Dao Vien Ward (Trang Dinh District, Lang Son province), the working group discovered Mr. Nông Tôn Bảo (38-years-old, lived in Bang Tuong town, Quang Tay, Trung Quoc) was carrying backpack and trying to cross border illegally into Vietnam with suspicious signs.

The working group has inspected and detected inside the backpack of the subject had 11 nylon bags which contained many white crystals suspected as narcotic. Those crystals are about 11kg.

At the investigation agency, Bao confessed that those exhibits were meth and was transported from China to Vietnam for consumption.

Currently, functional authorities are working for clarification.

By Đảo Lê/Thanh Thuy