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Hanoi: 27 units eligible to provide e-invoices to enterprises

09:05 | 28/06/2020

VCN – To promote the use of e-invoices in Hanoi, the Hanoi Tax Department has coordinated with 27 units providing electronic invoices (e-invoices) to enterprises in the area.

hanoi 27 units eligible to provide e invoices to enterprises
Hanoi Tax Department strived to complete the task so that 100% of enterprises in the area will apply e-invoices in 2020

The list of 27 units was disclosed by the Hanoi Tax Department. This tax department affirmed that those units have experience in deploying, have a large number of customers using e-invoice services (more than 100) and have connected databases with the tax authority to help enterprises and organisations in the area update information.

The Hanoi Tax Department is continuing to consider units that are eligible to provide e-invoices for coordination. Hanoi Tax Department said that to ensure the requirements of invoice management as well as tax management, the department will continue to control the service quality, quality of database connection of the providers and at the same time add units that meet requirements and remove units that do not meet criteria.

The department also proposed these units upgrade the application system so tax authorities can exploit e-invoice data in accordance with the criteria set by the tax authorities in accordance with Decree No. 119/2018/ND-CP, Circular 68/2019/TT-BTC and Decision No. 635/QD-TCT dated May 11, 2020 stipulating components for storing e-invoice data and methods of transmission with tax authorities.

The Hanoi Tax Department will also have a roadmap and plan to improve the effectiveness of coordination with suppliers.

Recently, the Hanoi Tax Department issued Document No. 31502/CT-TTHT on the application of e-invoices in 2020, and directed units in the taxation sector to focus on completing tasks so that 100% of enterprises in the area will apply e-invoices in 2020.

Hanoi Tax Department said that the tax authority has implemented synchronously and drastically solutions such as establishing a steering group and deployment team, issuing directive documents, guiding uniformly in the sector about the deployment of e-invoices; promote the communication and dissemination to all businesses and taxpayers in the Hanoi area about the benefits of applying e-invoices and have specific instructions on how to implement via mass media.

This unit also opened a new section "E-invoice" on the website to focus on communication about the contents of tax policy and activities of the Hanoi Tax Department related to e-invoices.

As a result, by May 20, 2020, the whole Hanoi Tax Department had 93,005 enterprises and organisations applying e-invoices, reaching a rate of 70%.

By Thùy Linh/Thanh Thuy