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Ha Tinh Customs: Streamlining apparatus to improve operational efficiency

08:05 | 24/07/2018

VCN - The volume of work has increased rapidly, while the number of staff has not increased but reduced compared to the past, which requires Ha Tinh Customs Department to study and introduce solutions to improve the efficiency of using resources in order to meet the requirements of facilitating  import and export activities, improving the service quality for enterprises and ensuring the efficiency of state management on customs


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ha tinh customs streamlining apparatus to improve operational efficiency
Customs officers of Vung Ang port Customs guide the Customs procedures. Photos: H.Nu

Over the past years, the volume of work of Ha Tinh Customs Department has increased rapidly year by year. Vung Ang port has been receiving more and more imported goods from Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation (Formosa). The number of enterprises and declarations, the turnover of import and export goods carrying out procedures in the Department have increased from 20% to 40% per year.

Therefore, Ha Tinh Customs has actively researched and deployed many solutions to make the most of available resources and made efforts to arrange and streamline its apparatus to meet the work’s requirements.

To avoid waste of human resources, as well as minimizing the pressure for enterprises on clearance and circulation of goods from Cau Treo border gate to the inland, in May 2018 Ha Tinh Customs has proposed a plan on dissolution of the Customs Branch of Cau Treo border gate economic zone, which has been approved by the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Customs. Accordingly, from 1st June, 2018, all the remaining work in Cau Treo border gate economic zone was transferred to Hong Linh Customs Branch.

Besides, Ha Tinh Customs has deployed many projects on reform and IT application to support the search and process for its civil servants. As a result, the Department has ensured the task of facilitating import and export activities and management requirements without increasing new apparatus.

Director of Ha Tinh Customs Department Luong Truong Tho said that the apparatus streamlining has increased the efficiency of reform and modernization, which was expressed by specific results. In the first six months of 2018, the unit has completed procedures for 5,286 declarations, up 41.04% over the same period of 2017 for 324 enterprises, up 14.08% over the same period 2017.

"Total turnover in the first six months of 2018 also increased 126.7% over the same period in 2017, reaching US$ 1,399 million. As of 12th July, 2018, the Department earned more than VND 3.058 trillion, reaching 98.66% of the assigned target (VND 3.100 trillion), up over 150% against the same period last year. This is a good number since the rearrangement of human resources," Luong Truong Tho emphasized.

According to Mr. Cao Duc Thang, Deputy Director of Vung Ang Port Customs Branch, the turnover of the Branch was US$ 1.2 billion with more than 2,000 declarations, particularly, the turnover from Formosa's operations was US$ 1.1 billion with 1,900 declarations; Particularly, tax revenue from Formosa's activities was VND 2,639 billion, accounting for more than 95% of the Branch’s revenue.

"Previously, the Branch had 4 units, but from 16th July 2018, the Branch has only managed 33 civil servants classified into 3 units (Customs Technical Unit, General Affair Unit, and Customs Technical Unit at Son Duong port). Despite the large area and huge volume of work, the rearrangement of human resources directly working on Formosa, and leaders of units have been benefiting the management as well as facilitating the operation of enterprises," Cao Duc Thang added.

However, Luong Truong Tho said that the application of results describing job placement in the process of personnel management was limited, which has failed to maximize the capacity and strength of each cadre, officer. The efficiency of management and use of human resource were not recognized. In fact, the number of civil servants appointed was not commensurate with the workload under charge of civil servants in the unit. The quality of civil servants was restricted on capacity, experience, work skills and sense of responsibility in the implementation of public duties. .

Promote all strengths

In 2018, Formosa imported a large volume of coals, iron ores and steel billets to be materials for the production of the steel plant. The remaining number was imported machinery and equipment to create fixed assets for Phase I of Formosa’s project. In parallel with the import of machinery, equipment and raw materials, Formosa also exported a large volume of coke (finished products) with a great turnover, which has contributed to increasing the state budget revenue for the Branch.

In addition, the projects of enterprises under the management area of Hong Linh Customs Branch are also in the process of speeding up production and export business, which forecasts a successful year.

To meet the requirements of Customs process for enterprises and management as well as urge and promote the capacity of civil servants, Ha Tinh Customs Department said in the coming time, the Department would continue to build qualified and skilled human resources to best meet the requirements of assigned political tasks. In which, reviewing, arranging and assigning qualified and experienced civil servants to key positions.

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Particularly, Ha Tinh Customs will stick to the plan of job placement transfer to train and nurture the human resources and seriously implement the rotation; strengthen the movement of self-study, self-research, self-professional development, as well as professional ethics of civil servants. Sending civil servants to attend training courses and short-term training for professional advancement; promoting the development of professional handbooks to ensure that when a civil servant leaves his position, procedures and experiences are saved for new civil servants; strictly and regularly monitoring the performance of tasks of each position, each officer and civil servant, Mr. Luong Truong Tho emphasized.

According to Decision No. 1782 / QD-TCHQ of the General Department of Customs, Ha Tinh Customs Department reduced 1 Customs Branch of Cau Treo international Border Gate economic zone and reduced 9 of 16 units. Accordingly, Customs Branch of Cau Treo international Border Gate economic zone consists of 4 units: General Affairs Unit, Import and Export Cargo Procedure Unit, Customs Inspection and Supervision Unit and Customs Control Team; Vung Ang Port Customs Branch has 3 units: General Affairs Unit, Customs Technical Unit and Customs Technical Unit at Son Duong port; Xuan Hai port Customs Branch, Hong Linh Customs Branch and post-customs audit Customs Branch, Customs control Customs and Anti-drug Enforcement Unit do not have subordinate units

By Dao Le/ Huyen Trang