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Ha Tinh Customs coordinate to seize large amount of drugs

18:28 | 06/02/2020

VCN – Speaking with Customs News, a representative of Ha Tinh Customs Department said that the Anti-drugs Enforcement Unit and Cau Treo Customs Branch coordinated with competent forces to successfully seize a large amount of drugs and arrest one person.

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Po Chua Xong (held white paper) and narcotics

At 6:30 PM, on February 2nd, at Rao Mac stream, Ha Trai hamlet, Son Kim 1 commune (Huong Son, Ha Tinh), the Anti-Drug Enforcement Unit and Cau Treo Customs Branch (Ha Tinh Customs Department) coordinated with the Ha Tinh Border Defense Force and Ha Tinh Market Management Department to arrest Po Chua Xong (22, from Ban Thoong Pe district, Cam Cot district, Bôlykhămxay province, Laos) while transporting narcotics illegally from Laos to Vietnam for consumption.

At the scene, the competent force seized the backpack that Pó Chua Xoong carried, containing 36,000 tablets of ecstasy, 4kg of meth, a knife and other items.

At the headquarters of the authorities, Po Chua Xong claimed that he was hired to transport the drugs from an unknown person in the town of Lac Xao, Bôlykhămxay province (Laos) to Vietnam for payment.

The case is under investigation.

By Đảo Lê/Thanh Thuy