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Discovered 40 samples of non-conformity imported scrap

20:08 | 09/09/2018

VCN – The non-conformity shipment of scrap will be forced to be re-exported or destroyed in accordance with regulations.

discovered 40 samples of non conformity imported scrap
Plastic scrap imported to Hai Phong port was detected timely and prevented by Customs authorities. Photo: Ngọc Linh

According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, from 27/6 (the time of implementing the measures to strengthen the management of imported scrap) to 4/9, Customs Department of Goods Verification has received 2762 samples of imported scrap, issued 2,761 announcements of inspection results, in that 40 cases were detected as non-conformity meeting import conditions.

Discussing with Customs News reporter, leaders of Customs Department of Goods Verification said that the samples that did not meet the standard were related to types of scrap like plastic, paper, iron.

Reported at the briefing meeting on the implementation of the work program in August and deploying work in September of the General Department of Vietnam Customs on 5/9, leaders of the office of General Department of Customs said that: by following the direction of the Prime Minister and leaders of the Ministry of Finance on strengthening the management of import scrap activities, the General Department of Customs has deployed many solutions.

Typically, the issuance of document No.4202/TCHQ-PC dated 17/7/2018 guiding the local customs departments on the management of imported scrap.

At the same time, on 3/8/2018, the General Department of Vietnam Customs sent delegations led by Deputy Director General Mai Xuan Thanh to conduct inspection at the Hai Phong Customs Department on implementing the management of imported scrap; declaration and analysis of manifest, implementing procedures for means of transport on entry...

The delegation also inspected the implementation of customs procedures directly at the Customs Branch of the border gate that is carrying out the procedures for the shipments of scrap such as monitoring, inspection, sampling, photographing, sealing, making record of taking samples, record of actual results...

On the other hand, the General Department of Vietnam Customs has updated on the Portal (www.customs.gov.vn) a list of 151 enterprises which are granted certificate by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to be eligible for environmental protection when importing scrap.

Besides that, the General Department of Vietnam Customs directed the Customs Department of Goods Verification to concentrate on resources and till now they have guaranteed the inspection time of imported scrap in accordance with regulation; coordinating with the Police Investigation Agency (C03) - Ministry of Public Security to set up plans for investigation, verification, handling of violations and prosecution of Truong Thinh wrapping print production company limited and Hong Viet manufacturing and trading construction service company limited.

Along with that is the destruction, relocation of backlogged scrap container in order to return space for the seaport...

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy